The Cabinet of Curiosities

In which Rob opens up his cupboard full of the more esoteric items in his collection. Dolly Parton played at the wrong speed? Check. The jazziest anime theme of them all? Double-check. Mashups up the wazoo? BURBERRY MUFUHN CHECK.

Let’s have a root through Rob’s drawers, shall we?

Too Heavy For Halloween

For those of us that both love and hate this time of year…

Those for whom Halloween is not just a date, or an excuse to wear a spooky costume once a year and hit up strangers for free sweeties…

Those of us for whom Halloween is a state of mind, a way of being, a comforting chilly darkness…

This one goes out to all of us that are Too Heavy For Halloween.


The Love Special

Oh, my darlings. This one is for you. Embrace it with all your hearts. Not sure how you do that, actually. Surely you need arms to embrace things.

ANYWAY. Music, poetry, ramblings and nonsense from Caversham’s answer to Whispering Bob Harris. Featuring Crowded House, Beyonce, Erasure and The Dickies.

Crazy love.

The Friday 13th Show

In this edition of the show, Rob talks about luck, coincidence, superstition and all those forces that lead us to think that we’re not really in charge of our own destinies. Featuring tracks from the usual eclectic range of artists, from the Stones to Jamie Woon, Beach Slang to Kenny Rogers.

Lucky you, it’s a treat for your ears this Friday the 13th!

(Foolish Rob also forgot to mention the Prince Far I track at 1:33:38. It’s his righteous version of Deck Of Cards. Preach dem!)

Show 4: The FrightFest Special!

It’s FrightFest weekend, so Rob goes the full horror with a playlist including tracks from The Misfits, PJ Harvey, DangerMouse featuring David Lynch (yes, that David Lynch) and two tracks from the master of electronic horror music, John Carpenter!
The lights are growing dim. Settle in and enjoy the ride…