Show 4: The FrightFest Special!

It’s FrightFest weekend, so Rob goes the full horror with a playlist including tracks from The Misfits, PJ Harvey, DangerMouse featuring David Lynch (yes, that David Lynch) and two tracks from the master of electronic horror music, John Carpenter!
The lights are growing dim. Settle in and enjoy the ride…

Show 3: Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young

We’re working on giving the show a little structure. Therefore, we have a featured album of the week, and a recipe! Newness from Gary Clark Jr and Deerhunter, and requests from artists like Tom Waits, Mickey & The Soul Generation and Smokey Bastard.

WROB: the aural equivalent of Care In The Community.

Show 1 – How To Build A DJ

In which Rob reveals rather more about his deepest, darkest urges than is perhaps appropriate for a first-timer.

Featuring new music from Prince and Wilco, and a subtle blend of esoterica and off-brand weirdness.
Seriously, if nothing else, check out the Elvis track at the end of the show. You’ll never look at him the same way again.